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Have you considered going solar near Jacksonville, FL, but not quite sure where to begin? You may have seen advertisements that show the potential monthly energy savings from solar, or maybe just talked with a neighbor who recently installed a solar energy system in their home. Or maybe you are part of the many Florida residents who are very conscious of the environmental impact we have as humans and are looking for ways to contribute to a more sustainable energy source in Florida.

Fortunately, there are many reasons Florida homeowners are switching to solar power for their homes and businesses, especially near Jacksonville, Florida, where there are financial incentives for going solar and having access to the best choice of solar panels in Florida.

Where can you go for the best choice for solar panels in Florida? Meraki Solar is one of the most trusted solar energy companies in Florida and has been proudly serving the communities of Duval County for years!

Get in touch with your local neighborhood solar energy company today to explore all of your solar options and see how you can harness the power of the Florida sun with Meraki Solar!


Being a resident of the Sunshine State, you certainly have your choice of solar companies to choose from. So it may be difficult to decide who to choose and, more importantly, who to trust.

Installing solar panels in Florida should be viewed as a long-term investment. Most residential solar systems can last 30 – 35 years, or more in some cases. So when you are choosing which solar companies to trust, start with identifying local solar companies in Jacksonville who will be around to assist you throughout the duration of your solar panel’s lifespan. This will give you more peace of mind, knowing your solar company is right around the corner should you need anything or have any questions about your solar panels.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a solar partner is the quality of solar panels offered. Some solar installation companies offer very low prices for residential solar systems but may come with sub-par equipment and service. For your solar investment, you want to be sure you are getting top-of-the-line solar panels at the best possible price.

Although Meraki Solar is now a nationwide solar company, it started in the Sunshine State, and Duval County is still home to many of our solar teams. For years, Meraki has been exceeding customers’ expectations and helping homeowners convert their homesto solar energy. Meraki is full of highly knowledgeable professionals who stay up to date on all of the local incentives, weather patterns, and rebates available in Jacksonville, FL, to help you get the best possible deal on Florida solar panels.

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Why Install Solar Panels in Jacksonville, Florida

Florida, commonly referred to as the Sunshine State, has a slight advantage in the “solar” department compared to other states in the US. Specifically, Jacksonville and Duval County receive more than 220+ sunny days per year! That’s a lot of sun power.

So it’s no wonder so many homeowners are converting their homes to solar energy by installing Florida solar panels. But other than the above-average potential for solar production, there are several other benefits to going solar in Florida.

  • Solar Panels can help you reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 50% – 90%!
  • Home Solar Systems can increase the value of your home by 4.1% or more!
  • Solar Energy production helps reduce carbon emission and contribute to a more sustainable environment for our Earth.

There are many additional reasons people choose to go solar, especially in Florida. So whatever your reasons, Meraki Solar is here to answer your questions, help you understand your options, and make the process smooth and transparent. Get started today by contacting a Florida solar professional to start your journey to solar.

The Meraki Jacksonville Team

Going solar can initially seem overwhelming, but our experts are here to help you learn about solar energy and better understand what it can do for you and your family. Our customer-first approach will help take all the pressure off you so you can get back to living the life you love.

Meraki Solar Fast Facts for Jacksonville, FL Homeowners

Meraki Solar is a company that prides itself on staying updated on everything solar in Jacksonville, FL, and the entire Sunshine State. Our solar educators are always looking for new financial incentives, solar products, and news that can help you save money on your solar investment. This is a big part of why Meraki has grown to be among the best solar companies in the US, that so many people trust with their solar installations. Here are a few Meraki Solar fast facts:

  • Florida’s renewable energy goal is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  • Florida Museum of Natural History, Ace Hardware, Whole Foods, & IKEA have all gone solar in Florida.
  • Florida ranks #3 in the US for best places to go solar.

For more information on solar power near you and how much you can save with solar, you can speak with a Florida solar professional at Meraki Solar for free. We have dedicated Florida specialists standing by to help you start your solar journey and take advantage of the powerful Florida sun!

How to Cut the Cost of Your Utility Bills with Jacksonville, FL, Solar Incentives

Florida has a goal of reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. One of the top ways the state is moving towards this goal is by encouraging residents to convert to clean, renewable solar energy. To further encourage homeowners to make the switch to solar, the state of Florida has approved many local incentives, tax rebates, and credits available for Duval County home owners. Here are a few of the top Jacksonville solar incentives. 

  • [Federal Solar Tax Credit]: The Federal Investment Tax Credit or The Clean Energy Tax Credit offers solar owners a 30% tax write-off for the cost of their residential solar system and accessories. This can add up to huge savings for solar owners. 
  • [Florida Net Metering Program]: Net Metering is a system that allows eligible homeowners to sell extra energy produced by their solar panels back to the grid for compensation. With all of the sunshine in Florida, this can be a great way to earn some extra money with your excess solar energy.  
  • [Property Tax Exemption]: A new home solar array can increase the value of your home in Florida, but thanks to this tax exemption, you shouldn’t have to pay additional property taxes! So you should be able to enjoy the increased value of your home without extra taxes. 
  • [Sales Tax Exemption]: When going solar in Florida, you should not have to pay any sales tax on the cost of your solar equipment and installation. This is an automatic 6% discount compared to neighboring states. 
  • [Zero-Down Solar]: Meraki Solar offers the unique opportunity to go solar for zero-down up front costs in Jacksonville, FL. So you can enjoy all of the benefits of solar, without paying anything out of pocket to get started!

There are many more financial incentives, rebates, and discounts available to Florida homeowners, depending on your situation. It is highly recommended that you speak with a Florida solar professional to understand all of your solar options and a tax professional to ensure all incentives can be properly applied to your situation.

How Much Energy Can Your Solar System Produce in Jacksonville, FL?

With the unique advantage of having so much abundant sunshine in Florida, many of our customers want to know “How much solar energy can my solar installation really produce”?

Most solar arrays are between 5kW - 10kW but can certainly be larger or smaller. Instead of asking how much power you can produce when you install solar panels, it may be a better question to understand how much energy do you need. You can look at the average of your last few electricity bills from your utility company to understand your average energy usage. But it's best to have a year’s worth of data to see how this number fluctuates in different seasons.

How much energy your solar panels can produce will depend on a number of factors. Some of the main factors to consider is how many panels your roof can accommodate (although some homeowners are switching to ground-mounted systems to build larger solar arrays), how much sunlight your home receives on average, and the quality of your solar panels. 

Fortunately, there are solar experts at Meraki who are dedicated to helping you understand the answer to all of these questions. With a free solar consultation, you can see how much energy your family needs, how much your custom solar panel system might cost, and how to save the most amount of money on your investment. Start the conversation today to see how much solar power your home can produce!

How Solar Panels Work: The 5-Step Solar System Production Process

Although solar panels can seem like magic, there is a fairly simple science to the process of harnessing the sun’s power. At Meraki, we believe knowledge is power, and understanding the process will make you more comfortable with the purchase of your solar system.

  1. Sunlight: The first step in the solar production process is using Florida’s most abundant resource, sunlight. Ensuring your home or solar location receives ample sunlight is important.
  2. Solar Panels: Each panel is placed in locations on your roof or land to have the most direct sunlight exposure possible. These solar panels absorb the sunlight and turn it into direct current (DC) electricity.
  3. Inverter: Next, the DC power that each panel generates changes to usable AC (alternating current) that will power your home’s outlets.
  4. Breaker Box: Once the converted AC electricity moves through the breaker box, it is pushed to the outlets in your home when needed.

Electricity Production: The more power your panels generate, the more you may save. Extra energy produced will flow through a utility meter to enter the power grid again via Net Metering practices.

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Jacksonville, FL?

Yes, solar panels are worth it for most homeowners in Jacksonville, FL. With abundant sunshine year-round, financial incentives for solar energy, and close proximity to the best solar panel company in Florida, converting to solar power can be a great investment for most homeowners. 

In fact, solar energy is an investment that offers 100% ROI. That's right! Your solar panels could pay for themselves in 6-8 years with the amount of solar savings you will accumulate every month. After that “solar payback period”, all of your savings are pure profit from your solar investment. 

One of the most enjoyable benefits of solar is the decrease in carbon emissions compared to traditional electricity and utility companies. As fellow residents of Florida, we appreciate our beautiful beaches, spring rivers, parks, and wildlife very much. This is a big reason so many people find true value in converting to solar energy, knowing we are doing our part to preserve this beautiful land in Florida. 

Although every situation is different and everyone has different reasons for converting to solar, the decision to go solar has proven to be worthwhile for all of our customers. When you partner with Meraki to install your solar panels, the only question you will be left with is “why didn't we start sooner?”.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Jacksonville, FL?

Of course, to fully understand if solar panels are right for you and your family, you have to see how much your investment in solar energy might cost. Although this is not as straightforward as providing a sticker price for your residential solar panel installation, there are some factors to understand that can help you see how much solar might cost for you. 

The size of your solar system, or how many panels are included in your system, is one of the largest factors that can dictate the cost of solar panels in Florida. This will depend on how much energy your family uses and the size of your home. Fortunately, Meraki solar professionals can help you custom design your solar system to fit your energy needs and your budget’s needs. 

One of the most important factors to consider when pricing your future solar system is the Florida solar incentives you apply for and qualify for. From tax credits & exemptions to rebates and discounts, the more incentives you qualify for, the more you can save! To understand which solar incentives you qualify for, speak with a solar professional who can evaluate your home and situation to provide you with all of your solar options!

If you are concerned about the cost of going solar, don't worry, you are not alone. Most homeowners interested in going solar have the same questions and concerns. This is why Meraki started its “zero-down” solar program. With zero-down solar, you can enjoy all of the benefits of solar without any upfront costs. Learn more about zero-down solar by speaking with a Meraki solar professional today!

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