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When Clearwater, FL, residents think solar, they think Meraki. Let us help you make the clean energy switch with solar power for your home. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Our dedicated solar consultation and installation teams will help you understand why a new solar system can cut your energy usage and save you money!

Don’t waste your time with other solar companies. Join the Meraki family today!


Our knowledgeable team of top-rated solar installers ensures that each solar project is done with excellent communication, the best equipment, and top quality in mind. Let Meraki help you cut energy costs by harnessing the sun’s potent electricity source.

We’ve been helping Florida homeowners for years, so why not make the switch today with a new solar installation in Clearwater? Also, we’re helping educate qualified homeowners to save even more with a potential tax credit equal to the cost of their installation. There are so many ways a home solar panel system can help you save money.

Meraki isn’t just one of the best solar companies in Clearwater. We’ve got several locations across the state of Florida, from our headquarters in Pensacola all the way down to Ft. Lauderdale.

Our knowledgeable solar experts and efficient home services make the Meraki solar experience stand out. Take advantage of the sunshine state’s most valuable asset and say goodbye to relying on your electric company once and for all!

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Why Install Solar Panels in Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater, FL, is known for its pristine beaches and vibrant downtown shopping and entertainment, making it one of the best cities in Florida to call home. When you add a solar power system to your Clearwater home, you’re helping to increase your property value while ensuring that the sunshine state stays beautiful for years to come. As Clearwater’s number one solar installation company, Meraki is here to help you switch to a solar system of the future!

Let your home finally work for you to supply all your energy needs! A new home solar power system can help set you free from your energy bills while ensuring that the community you love and call home stays beautiful for years to come. The solar industry is growing every day. Let Meraki, the Clearwater solar experts, save you money through a new solar panel installation.

The Meraki Clearwater Team

Going solar can initially seem overwhelming, but our experts are here to help you learn about solar energy and better understand what it can do for you and your family. Our customer-first approach will help take all the pressure off you so you can get back to living the life you love.

Meraki Solar Fast Facts for Clearwater, FL Homeowners

The total cost of your solar power installation will depend on a number of different factors that your Meraki solar energy consultant can help outline for you. Like any home improvement project, there can be other factors that complicate the installation process. At Meraki, we understand that new home solar systems are only as good as the team who installs them, which is why we take pride in being Clearwater’s premier solar consultation and installation team.

Don’t let another solar company give you the run-around. At Meraki, we value straight talk and professional service. We’ll discuss your roof and solar source, potential savings to your utility bill, how much solar panels cost, and how to get you the best price on your installation in Clearwater. Add value to your home and help keep Florida beautiful for years to come with our efficient home services and top-quality work.

How to Cut the Cost of Your Utility Bills with Clearwater, FL, Solar Incentives

There are a number of ways you can save money on your monthly energy bill when switching to solar panels. Besides our zero-down solar offer, state and federal tax rebates and incentives can save you even more! Getting the best price on your solar panels has never been easier in Clearwater, FL!

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit: This is a 22% federal government solar tax credit that you may qualify for regarding your residential solar system.
  • Florida Solar Energy Property Tax Exemption: This exemption may make you eligible for a property tax exemption for the value that solar panels add.
  • Home Solar State Sales Tax Exemption: A 6% state sales tax exemption is available for those who install solar panels.
  • Net Metering: The net metering process gives you credit for unused solar power sent back to the electrical grid. Because of this, the more energy produced from your solar panels, the lower your energy cost.
  • PACE Loans: Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans give Florida homeowners more financing options and could possibly cover up to 100% of your energy efficiency improvements, including solar panel system cost.
  • Florida Solar Rights Act: Your rights as a homeowner are protected when you make the change to solar panels.

How Much Energy Could Your Solar Installation Generate in Clearwater, FL?

My house is in a wooded area. Are solar panels worth it?” We hear this question often, and the answer is typical — yes! The placement of your solar panels will be determined by the best sunlight exposure in your room. Besides, in sunny Florida, going solar is the best energy option!

The total amount of energy your solar panel installation can produce will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the system, the total amount of sun throughout the day, and where the panels are installed. However, even on a cloudy day, your Florida solar panel system is likely a much more efficient long-term choice for your energy needs. So let Clearwater’s number one solar installer, Meraki Solar, educate you on all the different components of a successful solar system.

How Solar Panels Generate Energy: The 5-Step Solar Production Process

Once you understand how every part of the solar production process works, you’ll be able to visualize how the sun’s energy cuts the cost off your monthly bill. This simple five-step process is not only fascinating but also the future of energy production throughout the country and, eventually, the world.

  • Sunlight: Florida’s most abundant natural resource! The first step in the solar production process begins with the sun’s energy
  • Solar Panels: Each solar panel is placed in locations on your roof that have the most direct sunlight exposure
  • Inverter: Next, the DC (direct current) electricity that each solar panel generates changes to useable AC (alternating current) that will power all your homes outlets
  • Breaker Box: Once the converted AC electricity moves through the breaker box, it is pushed to the outlets in your home
  • Electricity Production: The more electricity your solar panel installation generates, the more money you may save. Extra energy produced will flow through a utility meter to enter the power grid again

Installing Solar Panels in Clearwater, FL

When installing a solar panel system, there are several things to consider, including the angle of your roof, overall system size, and the total space needed for solar panels. Your Meraki solar energy consultant can discuss the different aspects unique to your home while answering any questions you may have about the installation process.

We’ll review your options to ensure that you’re getting the best price on your solar system, comparing Meraki with other solar quotes you may have received. Our work and dedication to your needs speak for themselves so give Meraki a call today!

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Clearwater, FL?

Are solar panels worth it in Clearwater? The answer is likely, yes! With all the sun your Clearwater solar system will likely get throughout the day, switching to solar panels is an excellent way to cut your monthly energy cost while helping the environment. Also, numerous tax credits and rebates can make the switch to solar even more cost-effective.

Your solar system may cut your energy costs while helping to reduce your carbon footprint. How many technologies can do both? If you live in an area with lots of sunlight and high electricity prices, like Clearwater, FL, solar systems make sense for most homeowners! Also, incentives such as net metering can help you save even more per month, regardless of your system size.

  • Solar panels help reduce your energy bill and put the power in your hands
  • Solar panels efficiently generate power throughout the year
  • Solar panels cost less today and are more efficient than ever

Getting solar panels in Clearwater, FL, is easy with Meraki. Your custom solar installation will be designed to serve the specific needs of you and your family. At Meraki Solar, we’re committed to serving Clearwater, FL, homeowners like you and taking the hassle out of comparing solar quotes.

What do Solar Panels Cost in Clearwater, FL?

The total cost of your solar energy system could vary depending on a number of factors unique to your situation. Some factors include the total amount of energy your family uses, as well as your solar energy system size and location. There are also numerous solar tax credits, loans, and rebates to take advantage of that can lower your electric bill even more each month. Getting solar panels in Clearwater, FL, has never been easier or more cost-effective!

With Meraki, you’re getting the solar industry’s most efficient home services that value your time and wallet. We don’t try and sell to you. We want to hear you and discuss any concerns you may have! We’ll help you better understand the details of your solar panel system and what the installation process is like from start to finish.

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