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The Emerald Coast of Florida offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and sunny days year-round. In recent years, Fort Walton Beach has become a hotspot for homeowners looking to protect this beautiful landscape and contribute to a more sustainable source of energy. For these reasons, and many more, solar energy is replacing the way people power their homes and their lives. In fact, there’s enough solar power installed in Florida to power more than 1.3 Million homes!

For the many Florida homeowners who have not yet converted to solar energy, where is the best choice for solar panels in Fort Walton Beach? Fortunately, Florida is home to the top solar companies in the US, and Okaloosa County is home to Florida’s favorite solar energy company, Meraki Solar.

Meraki Solar has been serving Pensacola, Panama City, and the entire panhandle of Florida for many years. Although Meraki is now a nationwide company and has helped more than 23,000 families install solar panels, their home base, and their heart, is still in the Sunshine State!

If you are curious about the benefits of solar panels and have questions such as “How much do solar panels cost in Fort Walton Beach?”, “Are solar panels worth it in Florida?”, and “How much energy can solar panels produce in Fort Walton Beach, FL?”, then read on to learn all about going solar in Florida and how Meraki Solar can guide you on your journey to solar! If you don’t have the time to read everything, you can always schedule a free consultation with a Florida solar expert, who can answer all of your questions and help you explore your solar options.


In a state that receives more than 230+ sunny days per year, it’s no surprise that Florida homeowners are early adopters of solar energy. This high demand for Florida solar panels also brings with it many choices for solar installation companies. So how can you go about choosing the best solar partner for you & your future? When choosing your solar partner, the top factors to consider are location, quality, and costs.

Choosing a solar company that is close to your home is important for a number of reasons. To start, installing your solar panels can be much quicker with a local solar installation company. Also, if you have any questions or issues in the future, it will bring you peace of mind to know your solar partners are around the corner. And lastly, you want to work with a company that truly understands your area’s weather patterns and solar regulations. These are things that only come with a true local solar energy partner, such as Meraki Solar in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

The quality of your solar panels and customer service may be the biggest factors to consider when deciding to go solar. On average, solar panels can last  30 – 35 years, if properly installed. Solar panels can also be slightly complex when first learning about them, so you want to work with solar experts who will take the time to listen to your questions and answer them thoroughly. Meraki Solar is known for its world-class customer service and installation teams, which provides you with a world-class solar buying experience!

With all of the benefits of solar panels and the equipment that goes into a residential solar system, they are bound to cost you “an arm & a leg”, right? Not with Meraki Solar! There are financial incentives in Florida that can help save you thousands on your solar investment. The team at Meraki Solar has gone above & beyond by offering zero-down solar options for qualifying homes. The total cost of solar panels in Florida has fallen by 54% over the last 10 years and Meraki continues to find ways to reduce those costs even more, to help you go solar for less!

When choosing a solar energy company to trust with your home’s energy future, look for a partner close to your home’s location, who offers the best quality, and will help you get the best price on your investment. Fortunately, Meraki Solar in Fort Walton Beach is here for all of your solar energy needs. Get started today with a complimentary solar consultation with Meraki’s friendly energy specialists and explore all of your solar options!

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Why Install Solar Panels in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Solar energy offers Florida residents a cheaper, and cleaner, way to power their homes. Especially in the Sunshine State that offers year-round sunshine and nation leading solar incentives. Let’s review some of the top benefits of installing solar panels in Florida.

  • Solar Panels can help you reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 50% – 100%!
  • Home Solar Systems can increase the value of your home by 4.1% or more!
  • Solar production helps reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a more sustainable environment for humans, wildlife, and Florida’s beautiful landscape.
  • With solar energy, you can take control of your home’s power!

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to adopt solar energy, especially in Florida with such abundant sunshine. Whatever your reasons may be, Meraki Solar is here to help you answer your questions and explore your solar options. Get started today with a free quote for your home(s)!

The Meraki Fort Walton Beach Team

Going solar can initially seem overwhelming, but our experts are here to help you learn about solar energy and better understand what it can do for you and your family. Our customer-first approach will help take all the pressure off you so you can get back to living the life you love.

Meraki Solar Fast Facts for Fort Walton Beach, FL Homeowners

Florida has announced their renewable energy goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050! To achieve this, Florida has approved many solar incentives and large-scale solar projects to make solar energy more available to residents. With so much news going on in the Florida solar industry, it can be hard to keep up with it all. Fortunately, Meraki’s solar experts study all of Florida’s solar industry updates, so that they can continue to provide the best customer service and help customers save the most they can on their solar investment. Here are a few fun facts about solar in Florida:

  • Florida ranks #3 in the US for best places to go solar.
  • More than 5.75% of all Florida’s electricity comes from solar.
  • Florida Museum of Natural History, Ace Hardware, Whole Foods, & IKEA have all gone solar in Florida.
  • The cost of solar panels in Florida has decreased 54% over the last decade!

For more information on Florida solar news and incentives near you, speak with a Meraki solar expert who can help you see which incentives you could qualify for and how much a custom solar system might cost for your home!

How to Cut the Cost of Your Utility Bills with Fort Walton Beach, FL Solar Incentives

Solar energy can be very beneficial for Florida homeowners and the beautiful Florida environment. Because of this, Florida’s government and lawmakers have approved many incentives and programs to help reduce the cost of solar panels for those interested in moving into the future with their home’s energy. These Florida Solar incentives come in the form of tax credits & exemptions, solar rebates, net metering programs, zero-down solar options, and more! Here are a few of the top Florida solar incentives available in Okaloosa County!

  • [Federal Solar Tax Credit]: The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers solar owners a 30% tax credit for the cost of solar investment. This can add up to huge savings for Florida homeowners!
  • [Florida Net Metering Program]: Net Metering or Net Energy Metering (NEM) is a program that allows solar owners to sell their excess energy back to the Florida solar grid for compensation. This can be used to further reduce your electric bill!
  • [Property Tax Exemption]: In Florida, solar panels are exempt from property taxes. So even though your solar panel system may increase the value of your home, you won’t have to pay any additional taxes on your solar array!
  • [Sales Tax Exemption]: In Florida, solar panels are also exempt from Sales tax. This is an automatic 6% discount on solar panel installation, compared to neighboring states!
  • [Zero-Down Solar]: Meraki Solar offers the unique opportunity to go solar for zero-down up front costs in Fort Walton Beach, FL. So you can enjoy all of the benefits of solar, without paying anything out of pocket to get started!

Depending on your situation and where you live, you could be eligible for even more financial incentives for installing solar. Since Meraki Solar does not provide professional tax advice and everyone’s situation is slightly different, it is strongly recommended you consult with a tax professional to determine which incentives you and your home qualify for. Explore all of your solar options today and see how much you could save with solar!

How Much Energy Can Solar Systems Produce in Fort Walton Beach, FL?

Given the unique advantage of living in the Sunshine State & Fort Walton Beach, FL, solar panel systems can work very well in all of Florida’s seasons. But a common question from many homeowners is “How much solar energy can my solar panel generate?”

Solar energy is measured in Kilowatts (kW). Typically, solar installations vary between the 5kW to 10kW range. Most online articles about solar power will base your system’s needs on your home’s size. However, the size of your solar system depends more on how much energy your home needs. To accurately assess this, you can look at a few months of electric bills from your utility company to see how much energy (in kW) your family uses throughout the year. It’s important to look at a full 12 months so you can see how your energy demands fluctuate in different seasons.

The amount of potential energy your solar panel system can produce will depend on a few key factors. The area available on your rooftop, the amount of sunlight your home receives, and the quality of your solar panels. To help you solve for all of these variables, Meraki Solar can do a full solar inspection on your home, to help you choose the right type of solar panel system. To further maximize your solar energy production, Meraki’s solar installers will install your solar panels in the optimal positions of your roof, at the proper angles, to complete your solar energy system for you & your home!

How Solar Panels Work: The 5-Step Solar Power Production Process

At Meraki, we tailor every solar panel system to the unique requirements of your home. While individual systems may vary, their core functionality remains the same. To explain the process of how a solar panel captures sunlight and converts it to energy, here is a 5-step guide to how solar works.

  1. SOLAR PANELS & PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV) CELLS: Each solar panel houses numerous photovoltaic (PV) cells. These cells capture sunlight and transform it into direct current (DC) electricity through a process known as the photovoltaic effect. While DC electricity isn’t directly usable for your home, it’s a vital starting point in the solar production process.
  2. SOLAR INVERTER: The solar inverter is usually installed very close to your solar system. Its job is to transform the DC electricity, sourced from your solar panel, into alternating current (AC) electricity, the form that is safe for household usage.
  3. YOUR FUSE BOX: Think of the Fuse Box as your electricity gatekeeper. It ensures the right amount of AC energy is sent to each socket, at the right time. If an outlet receives excess power, the fuse might “trip” as a protective measure. If an outlet does not receive enough power, your devices won’t work. The Fuse Box maintains this balance of energy.
  4. NET METERING: Net Metering, also known as Net Energy Metering (NEM), is a way to keep track of how much solar energy your solar panel produces and how much your home uses. When your panels produce excess energy, you have the opportunity to sell this back to Florida’s solar grid, earning Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). These SRECs can be used to further reduce your electric bill!
  5. POWERING YOUR HOME: With these processes in place, your home receives the right amount of energy, at the right time, all thanks to the Florida sun!

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Fort Walton Beach, FL?

Yes, solar panels are worth it for most Fort Walton Beach homeowners! With plenty of sunshine year-round, Florida solar installations can be efficient in all seasons, helping you power your home and pay off your solar investment quicker.

As with any good investment, solar should be looked at for their return on investment (ROI). On average, solar panels can pay for themselves in 6-8 years! The amount of power your solar system generates, which solar incentives you take advantage of, and how you use your excess energy, are different ways you can shorten your return on investment and increase your solar savings!

In addition to the solar savings, solar panels prove to be worth it for many Floridians because of their positive impact on the environment. Solar power production produces less harmful greenhouse gasses and can mitigate climate change. Contributing to a more sustainable form of energy in Florida can be helpful to preserve the natural beauty of this beautiful state!

See if solar panels are right for you, with a free solar savings quote from Meraki Solar. Get a quick estimate of how much your custom solar system might cost and how much you could save!

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Fort Walton Beach, FL?

If you’re considering installing solar for your Fort Walton Beach home, there are a few important factors to consider when calculating how much solar panels cost.

The size of your solar system, or how many solar panels your system includes, will certainly impact the total costs of your solar investment. However, the size of your solar installation is not necessarily tied to your home’s square footage, but more to how much energy your family uses. Whether your needs align with a smaller 3kW setup, or a larger 8kW array, the experts at Meraki Solar can guide you and help you design the perfect system size for your specific situation & needs.

Fortunately, the cost of a solar panel system in Florida has decreased 54% over the last 10 years and continues to become more affordable with the many financial incentives available to Florida homeowners. Florida solar incentives can save you thousands on your solar investment and add up to huge solar savings. One of the largest & most popular solar incentives is the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which allows homeowners to write-off up to 30% of solar costs from their taxes. As mentioned above, there are many other solar incentives that you could qualify for in Fort Walton Beach & Okaloosa County, FL.

In an effort to help Florida families & individuals switch to solar for less, Meraki Solar has become a pioneer in the solar industry, offering zero-down solar options to qualifying homeowners. This could allow you to start enjoying the benefits of solar and saving money on your monthly energy costs, with no up-front out of pocket expenses! This is a game-changer for many Florida residents and can further reduce the costs of solar panels for you. Since Meraki Solar does not provide tax consulting or advice, it is strongly recommended that you consult a tax professional to determine what incentives you and your home qualify for.

For a comprehensive understanding and a clear cost breakdown of how much a solar panel system could cost for your home, reach out to Meraki solar for a customized solar quote. This custom quote will help you understand which size system is best for your home and how much you could save with your solar investment. Start saving with solar today!

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