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In a state readily called “The Sunshine State” it is no wonder so many homeowners are looking to power their homes with solar. In fact, there is enough solar installed in Florida to power more than 1.3 Million homes! As the cost of electricity continues to rise across the US, more and more people are searching for alternatives to reduce their monthly energy bills. For these reasons, and many more that we will explore further, solar panels are proving to be a good solution for many Florida residents. Especially in Charlotte Park and Charlotte County, which receives more than 230+ sunny days per year! But where should you go for the best choice for solar panels in Charlotte Park, FL?

Meraki Solar ranks among the best solar companies in the US and is located in your community, in Charlotte Park, FL. In fact, Meraki Solar started in Florida with a mission to help families & individuals enjoy the benefits of solar energy, for less. For years, Meraki has been serving the communities of Charlotte Park, Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Fort Myers, and beyond in The Sunshine State! Meraki Solar is proud to be more than just a solar company, but a people company, dedicated to helping Floridians find their way “out of the dark” when it comes to solar, and regain control of their home’s power! With no cost and no commitment necessary, you can explore all of your solar options and find the best choice for solar panels in Charlotte Park, FL today!


In Florida, solar panels generate more than 5.7% of all of the electricity in the state! That is more than 65% higher than the national average of 3.4%.This is due to many reasons as Floridians have a wide range of benefits from solar, and everyone has their own reasons for wanting to install solar panels. But as the demand for solar panels increases, so does the number of solar companies that you have to choose from. So, how do you choose the right solar company for your solar project? The top 3 factors to consider are location, quality, and costs.

Choosing a solar installation partner near your home in Charlotte Park, FL, can bring peace of mind throughout the process of your solar installation and beyond. A local solar company can increase the speed of your installation, as they are closer to your home, and also ensure that you are working with someone who understands your local weather patterns and available financial incentives. Fortunately, Meraki Solar is located in Charlotte County and proudly serves Charlotte Park, FL. Making your decision for your solar installer easy and convenient!

The quality of your solar panels should be a top consideration as you search for the best solar companies in your area. High-quality solar panels can last on your roof for 30+ years or more! Which makes solar panels a wise long-term investment. Meraki Solar offers the highest quality solar panels and more importantly, can help you decide which type of solar panels are best for your home. With Meraki, you can be sure that you are getting top-of-the-line solar panels that will withstand the test of time and the Florida heat!

With a long-term investment, such as solar, the cost of your solar panel system is an important consideration. To help with this, Meraki Solar has made it their mission to assist Florida homeowners in reducing the cost of installing solar panels so Floridians can enjoy the benefits of solar, without worrying about the costs. Meraki does this by understanding which Florida solar incentives you qualify for and by being one of the only solar companies to offer zero-down solar options! Showing Merkai’s commitment to helping Florida go solar for less!

When choosing among the best solar companies in Florida, Meraki continues to shine bright in The Sunshine State. WIth convenient locations near Charlotte Park, FL, top of the line solar panels, and a mission to help homeowners install solar panel systems for less, Meraki is the clear-cut choice for residential solar systems in Charlotte County, Florida.

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Why Install Solar Panels in Charlotte Park, Florida

As you are driving through Charlotte Park and Port Charlotte, FL, you may have noticed the many homes and businesses that have adopted solar energy and wondered if solar is really worth it in Florida, or maybe how much it costs to install solar panels in Florida.

Although solar may seem like a new invention, solar has been around for many years. From solar pool heaters to residential solar panel systems, Floridians have been harnessing the power of the sun since 2009. With more than 1 Million homes converting to solar in the last 10 years, why are so many people choosing to install solar panels in Florida? Here are a few of the top benefits of solar energy in Florida!

  • Solar energy is an environmentally friendly form of energy production, which is beneficial for Florida’s air & water quality.
  • Solar panels could help you save 50% – 90% on your energy bills!
  • A residential solar panel system could increase your home’s aesthetics and property value by 4.1% or more!
  • Installing solar panels reduces your reliance on traditional utility companies and allows you to pull energy from the Florida solar grid when needed.
  • Florida homeowners can sell their extra solar electricity back to the Florida solar grid for compensation!
  • Meraki Solar offers zero-down solar options in Florida to help homeowners go solar for no money out of pocket to start!

These are just a few advantages among a long list of reasons why Florida homeowners enjoy their solar panels. To get started with your solar savings, get a free quote to see how much you could save with solar. We look forward to hearing about your favorite reason for installing solar panels in Charlotte Park, FL!

The Meraki Charlotte Park Team

Going solar can initially seem overwhelming, but our experts are here to help you learn about solar energy and better understand what it can do for you and your family. Our customer-first approach will help take all the pressure off you so you can get back to living the life you love.

Meraki Solar Fast Facts for Charlotte Park, FL Homeowners

Florida ranks among the top states in America to go solar, thanks to the 230+ days of sunlight and numerous financial incentives for converting to renewable energy. Florida has invested more than $16 Billion in solar projects and programs to help spread the benefits of solar energy to Florida homes & businesses. As Florida continues to move towards a more sustainable future, there are more solar news and updates released every day. Fortunately, Meraki’s solar experts stay up to date on all of the latest solar industry news to help provide better customer service to our communities and save you money on your next solar project! Here are a few solar fast facts for Charlotte Park, FL homeowners

  • The first large Florida solar project was in 2009 when the DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center was built.
  • Florida has a Renewable Energy Goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050!
  • More than 5% of all Florida’s electricity comes from solar.
  • Florida Museum of Natural History, Ace Hardware, Whole Foods, & IKEA have all gone solar in Florida.
  • In 2008, Florida adopted rules for net metering and required municipal utilities & electric cooperatives to offer net metering without stipulating standards.

To learn more about Florida’s solar industry and the most recent solar news in Florida, visit Meraki’s news center or speak to a Florida solar expert! Meraki’s world-class customer service team is always available to help you start your solar journey!

How to Save Money With Florida Solar Incentives.

The decision to go solar has many financial benefits, from up front discounts and zero-down solar options to tax advantages and the return on your investment. Here are a few additional federal and state tax rebates and incentives that can help you reduce solar installation costs and go solar for less!

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit: This federal tax credit gives you the opportunity to save 30% to eligible homeowners with the purchase of your solar system.
  • Solar Energy Property Tax Exemption: Solar Panels are exempt from an increase in property taxes in Port Charlotte, FL.
  • Home Solar State Sales Tax Exemption: With the installation of your solar panels, Florida homeowners will receive a 6% state sales tax exemption. This is an automatic 6% solar discount compared to neighboring states!
  • Net Metering: This is the process of selling unused energy that your solar system creates back to the grid for credits from your utility company. You can use these credits to lower your monthly electric bill further.
  • PACE Loans: Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans give eligible homeowners the opportunity to save on the cost of solar installations and other energy efficiency improvements.

Florida Solar Rights Act: With the decision to install solar panels on your home, your rights are protected.

How Much Power Can Your Solar System Produce in Port Charlotte, FL ?

Homeowners in Port Charlotte, FL are already ahead of the game, being that they live in one of the sunniest places in America. When customers ask us how much power their solar system will produce there are a few factors that come into play.

The geographic position of your panels, shading, roof orientation, and inverter efficiency are just a few examples that can affect how much energy your panels produce. We have energy consultants standing by ready to give you more information based on your needs.

How Solar Panels Work: The 5-Step Solar System Production Process

Although solar panels can seem like magic, there is a fairly simple science to the process of harnessing the sun’s power. At Meraki, we believe knowledge is power, and understanding the process will make you more comfortable with the purchase of your solar system.

  1. Sunlight: The first step in the solar production process is using Florida’s most abundant resource, sunlight. Ensuring your home or solar location receives ample sunlight is important.
  2. Solar Panels: Each panel is placed in locations on your roof or land to have the most direct sunlight exposure possible. These solar panels absorb the sunlight and turn it into direct current (DC) electricity.
  3. Inverter: Next, the DC power that each panel generates changes to usable AC (alternating current) that will power your home’s outlets.
  4. Breaker Box: Once the converted AC electricity moves through the breaker box, it is pushed to the outlets in your home when needed.

Electricity Production: The more power your panels generate, the more you may save. Extra energy produced will flow through a utility meter to enter the power grid again via Net Metering practices.

Installing Solar Panels in Port Charlotte, FL.

Meraki is here for you every step of the way! Assisting homeowners with their system installations is what we do best. From the size and angle of your roof to any possible coverage that could affect your solar panel efficiency, we want to ensure optimal use of your panels. The experts at Meraki will carefully handle all inspections and installation designs, making the transition to solar as easy as possible for you.

Our goal is to help homeowners understand that going solar should not be considered a financial burden but instead an investment that can cost less than you think. With zero-down solar options and local solar panel incentives available in your area,  Meraki is a people-first business helping homeowners go solar without burning a hole in their pocket. That is our promise to you! Call us today to begin your solar journey.

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Port Charlotte, FL?

Solar panels are becoming more and more important to residents all over the state of Florida. Meraki Solar has been helping Florida residents decide if solar is right for them for years. With the combination of the powerful Florida sun and the many FL solar incentives available, solar panel installation in Charlotte County is worth it for many homes in FL.

Allow the beautiful, radiating sunlight to work to save you money on your monthly energy bills. Meraki Solar helps to make the transition to solar power as easy as possible for homeowners, ensuring complete transparency along the way. From construction documents to the permit application, we handle everything for you to make your purchase a smooth transition.

From Pensacola all the way down to Fort Lauderdale, Meraki Solar is Florida’s go-to solar company. We understand the demand for a more sustainable source of energy and are proud to make sure all homeowners have access to this incredible source of affordable electricity to reduce energy bills across Florida.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Port Charlotte, FL?

Meraki Solar is here to ensure that homeowners in Charlotte County, FL have all the information needed to determine how much their Port Charlotte solar panels cost for their situation. So when we are asked how much the average price of solar panels is, unlike other solar installation companies, we want you to know all aspects of how the total cost is created.

Every customer has different needs for their home that can change the costs. Our solar experts take the extra time to evaluate the size of your roof, the amount of energy your family uses, how many panels your home will need, and other factors to generate a custom price based on your needs.  

With Meraki’s zero-down financing options, local incentives, and tax exemptions, installing solar panels is as affordable as ever. We promise to make sure you save as much money as possible on your solar investment, giving you 25+ years of solar energy.

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