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The Sunshine State offers more than 230+ sunny days per year and some of the top beaches, parks, and nature preserves in the US! It is for the same reasons that homeowners in Cape Coral and Lee County Florida are making the switch to solar energy. With so many sunny days every year, Florida residents are looking to harness the power of the sun and find a cleaner, and cheaper, way to power their homes! If you are curious about the benefits of solar in Florida, then read on to learn about the best choice for solar panels in Cape Coral, FL and how you can save thousands on your solar investment with Meraki Solar!

Although Meraki Solar is now a nationwide solar installation company who has helped more than 23,000 homes convert to solar, they started as a local Florida business with a vision to help families learn about the many benefits of solar energy. As local Floridians, Meraki understands the right kind of solar panels for Florida’s climate and all of the available financial incentives available in Lee County and Cape Coral, to help you save big when deciding to go solar!

Understanding where to find the best solar panels, how much solar panels cost, Florida solar incentives, and if solar panels are worth it in Florida, can be a time consuming journey. Meraki understands this and is dedicated to demystifying solar and guiding you along your path to solar savings. Learn all about Florida solar panels in the sections below, or reach out to a Florida solar expert to get quick and customized answers to all of your curiosities about solar energy in Cape Coral, FL.


About 5.75% of all of Florida’s electricity comes from solar power. That is 70% more than the national average of 3.4%. And this number continues to grow as Florida leads the way in adopting solar energy as a cleaner and more sustainable form of energy production. With the demand in solar panels growing, so does the number of choices you have in solar panel installers. Out of all the options, how do you choose among the best solar companies in Cape Coral, FL? The top factors you should consider when choosing your solar installers are location, quality, and costs.

Choosing a solar company that is close to your home brings peace of mind throughout your solar installation process. Solar installers who understand your local weather patterns, solar regulations, and solar incentives can help you make the most of your solar project. It also helps to have a local solar installer close by, in case you have any questions or issues in the future, after you have your solar panel system installed. Fortunately, Meraki Solar has been serving Lee County for many years and is among the top rated solar installers in Cape Coral, FL!

Professionally installed solar panels on a healthy roof can last up to 30+ years or more! With a long term investment such as solar, you want to be sure you are getting the best quality, along with the best customer service. Meraki Solar offers top of the line solar panels that are built to handle the extreme Florida sun and make the most of its solar rays, to power your home for years to come. And with world-class customer satisfaction, you will never be “in the dark” when it comes to your solar installation process. Meraki Solar experts communicate with you every step of the way, to make switching to solar in Cape Coral easy, transparent, and enjoyable.

The cost of solar panels in Florida has decreased 54% in the last 10 years and continues to become more affordable with local financial incentives available to Florida homeowners. But not all solar companies understand all of Florida’s solar incentives, nor do they go above and beyond to assist families in saving money on their solar investment. Meraki Solar has become a pioneer in the solar industry by creating zero-down solar options for qualifying homes. Showing their commitment to assisting Florida in going solar, for less.

When choosing among the best solar companies to trust with your solar project, look no further than the top rated solar installers in Cape Coral, FL, Meraki Solar. A solar energy company that is close to your home town, offers the best quality solar panels and customer service, and can help you reduce your installation costs in Cape Coral, FL!

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Why Install Solar Panels in Cape Coral, Florida

Although solar may seem like a newer form of energy, Florida homeowners have been saving money with solar for years. Installing solar panels in Florida can help gain control of your home’s power, save money on your electric bill, save the environment, and more! Let’s review some of Florida’s top solar benefits!

  • You could save up to 50% – 100% on your electric bill compared to traditional energy sources!
  • Solar could potentially increase your home’s value by 4.1% or more!
  • Solar Energy is better for the environment and can help to preserve Florida’s natural beauty!
  • Solar energy can help you regain control of your home’s power!

While everyone has their own reasons for wanting to switch to solar, the advantages remain undeniable. Start your switch to solar today with a free estimate from Meraki solar to explore your solar options and see how much you could save!

The Meraki Cape Coral Team

Going solar can initially seem overwhelming, but our experts are here to help you learn about solar energy and better understand what it can do for you and your family. Our customer-first approach will help take all the pressure off you so you can get back to living the life you love.

Meraki Solar Fast Facts for Cape Coral, FL Homeowners

The Sunshine State ranks #3 for best places to go solar in the US, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, but could easily be viewed as #1 considering the abundant sunshine and progressive solar incentives. Converting to clean energy & harnessing the power of the sun is a clear goal for the Sunshine State. Here are a few fun facts about the solar industry in Florida:

  • Florida has a Renewable Energy Goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050!
  • More than 5% of all Florida’s electricity comes from solar.
  • Florida Museum of Natural History, Ace Hardware, Whole Foods, & IKEA have all gone solar in Florida.
  • In 2008, Florida adopted rules for net metering and required municipal utilities & electric cooperatives to offer net metering without stipulating standards.
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory is the United States’ primary laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development

To learn more about Florida solar news and updates, reach out to your local solar expert at Meraki Solar. Learn all about how Florida & Meraki are helping families translate to solar energy, for less!

How to Cut the Cost of Your Utility Bills with Cape Coral Florida Solar Incentives

What are Florida Solar Incentives? A solar incentive is a financial incentive made to encourage homeowners to convert to solar energy and reduce the costs of doing so. These incentives come in the form of discounts, solar tax credits & exemptions, solar rebates, zero-down solar, and more! Here are a few of the top solar incentives available in Cape Coral, FL:

  • [Federal Solar Tax Credit]: The Federal Tax Credit or Solar Tax Credit allows solar owners to write-off 30% of the cost of their solar investment on their yearly taxes!
  • [Florida Net Metering Program]: Net Metering or Net Energy Metering (NEM) is a program that allows solar owners to sell their excess energy back to the Florida solar grid for compensation. This can be used to further reduce any monthly energy costs!
  • [Property Tax Exemption]: In Florida, solar panels are exempt from property taxes. So even though your solar panel system may increase the value of your home, you won’t have to pay any additional taxes on your solar investment!
  • [Sales Tax Exemption]: In Florida, solar panels are also exempt from Sales tax. This is an automatic 6% discount on solar panel installation, compared to neighboring states!
  • [Zero-Down Solar]: Meraki Solar offers the unique opportunity to go solar for zero-down up front costs in Cape Coral, FL. So you can enjoy all of the benefits of solar, without paying anything out of pocket to get started!

There are many more solar incentives that you can take advantage of as a Florida homeowner. Meraki’s solar professionals can help you explore all of these incentives and maximize your solar savings! As with any important financial and tax-related decision, we recommend you always consult with a tax professional to ensure all incentives are applied properly for your situation.

How Much Energy Can Solar Systems Produce in Cape Coral, FL?

In most situations, a Florida solar panel system can generate as your home needs. If you need more power, you can simply install more solar panels. In fact, most solar arrays generate more power during the day than your home uses. So when asked about how much power solar panels can generate in Florida, it’s better to ask “how much electricity do you need to power your home efficiently?”

Like traditional electricity, solar electricity is measured in Kilowatts (kW). Most residential solar systems come in sizes of 3kW to 10kW systems and larger in some cases, with the average size around 5kW. A single solar panel can produce up to 400 watts per hour. The right size system for your home depends on your home’s energy usage. To get an idea of how much energy your home uses, you can look at your electricity bills from your utility company. It is recommended to look at the last 12 months to get a full understanding of how your energy needs fluctuate through the year.

How Solar Panels Work: The 5-Step Solar Power Production Process

At Meraki, we tailor every solar panel system to the unique requirements of your home. While individual systems may vary, their core functionality remains the same. To explain the process of how a solar panel captures sunlight and converts it to energy, here is a 5-step guide to how solar works.

  1. Harnessing the Power of the Florida Sun: By installing your solar panels at the right angle, and avoiding any shading, your solar panels can receive the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day.
  2. Your Solar Panels Go To Work: Each solar panel contains thousands of photovoltaic (PV) cells. These PV cells capture sunlight and transform it into direct current (DC) electricity through a process known as the photovoltaic effect. While DC electricity isn’t directly usable for your home, it’s a vital starting point in the solar production process.
  3. The Solar Inverter | AC->DC: The solar inverter transforms the DC electricity energy from your solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity. This AC electricity is a safe form of energy that can be properly used by your home.
  4. Your Fuse Box | The Gatekeeper: Your Fuse Box distributes this AC energy throughout your house to your outlets & appliances, in the right quantities. Too much power will “blow a fuse” and shut down the outlet. Too little power won’t power your appliances. The Fuse Box finds this balance and keeps your home running smoothly and safely with solar electricity.

Net Energy Metering: Net Energy Metering (NEM) or Net Metering, is a process that keeps record of how much electricity your solar panels produce and how much electricity your home uses. If you produce more electricity than your home uses, you can sell this extra solar energy back to the Florida solar grid for compensation!

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Cape Coral, FL?

For most homeowners in Cape Coral, and the state of Florida, solar panels are worth it and can be a great long term investment. With solar, you can power your home for less, contribute to a cleaner form of energy production, and return 100% of your investment! That’s right, an investment in solar can pay for itself! With the amount of solar savings you’ll receive each month, your Florida solar panels could pay for themselves in 6-8 years! After you pay off your investment, your solar savings are pure profit, making an investment in solar very worth it for most Florida homeowners!

But it’s not all about the money! As a renewable source of electricity, solar energy can reduce greenhouse gasses and help to mitigate climate change. This can help to improve air quality, water quality, and our ecosystem as a whole. Solar electricity is an efficient form of green energy for your home and our planet’s future, making solar panels worth it for you and your family members.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Cape Coral, FL?

The average cost of solar panels in Florida depends on a few key factors: The size of your solar system (or how many solar panels you have), the type of solar panels your system consists of, and which solar incentives you take advantage of.

With Meraki, every solar installation is custom designed for your specific wants & needs, so calculating the cost of solar panels for you is not as easy as reading “the sticker price” on each panel. Working with a solar partner to understand your home’s energy needs, how much sunlight your home receives, and which solar incentives you qualify for are necessary to determine how much solar panels cost for you & your home!

Fortunately, the cost of solar panels in Florida has decreased 54% over the last 10 years and continues to become more affordable with the many financial incentives available. Florida solar incentives can save you thousands on your solar investment! Meraki Solar can help reduce the amount you pay upfront for your solar installation with zero-down solar options. Get a free estimate from your one stop shop solar installers in Cape Coral, FL, Meraki Solar!

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