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At Meraki Solar, we’re passionate about helping Denver, Colorado, homeowners take advantage of the unique advantage of being The Mile High City. Despite being so much closer to the sun, many Denver homeowners are still “in the dark” about solar energy and have questions that stretch further than Colfax Avenue.

As a trusted neighborhood solar energy company in Denver, we take pride in educating and assisting you in finding the best solar energy options for your home. Whether you are interested in solar energy because of the positive environmental impacts, protecting your home from winter power outages, or looking to save money on your electricity costs, Meraki’s team of solar energy consultants is here for you. We can hardly wait to simplify the buying process and maybe even save you money!

To help you get started, we offer Free Solar Quotes with no obligations to give you peace of mind on your solar journey. Reach out today to see what incentives you may qualify for, including zero-down solar!


Being a mile high closer to the sun certainly has its advantages. For instance, according to MetroDenver.org, Colorado residents average around 300 sunny days a year. With all of that sun, it’s no wonder why so many homeowners in Colorado are switching to solar energy.

There are currently enough solar panels installed in Colorado to power close to half a million homes! There has never been a better time to invest in solar energy for your home in Denver, CO. But how do you know which solar company to choose?

As fellow Colorado residents, our Meraki solar installers not only know all of the local solar incentives and tax breaks but also understand what it’s like to live in this beautiful state. They will help you better understand which solar panel format is best for your home and Denver’s climate. We complete evaluations of your home and listen to your wants and needs to ensure you get the solar system of your dreams.

Be cautious of local solar installers who claim to know what’s best for you before even getting to know you, your home, and your energy needs. Get a free consultation with one of our Denver solar energy consultants to talk about your solar needs and learn which discounts, incentives, and payment options for which you may qualify.

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Why Install Solar Panels in Phoenix, Arizona

Denver, Colorado, is well known for its beautiful summers and harsh winters. Although this makes for excellent hiking weather, power outages have become a rising problem in Colorado during snow storms.

This year, the average power outage lasted more than 4 hours, with some homes stuck without electricity for up to three days. Denver residents are seeking solar energy solutions to protect their homes and businesses from power outages in the winter.

Additionally, the rising costs of natural gas and the costs to heat and cool your home in Colorado. We have seen our energy bills increase year over year, and inflation impacts us all. Investing in solar energy is one of the best ways to lower energy costs and protect yourself against inflation. Fortunately, Colorado is one of the best states in the country to go solar.

With its favorable weather, Colorado ranked 13th in the US in the National Solar Ranking and continues to be a progressive leader in the solar industry. Denver offers qualifying homeowners several solar incentives, tax credits, and solar system programs to help them save money on their clean solar energy investment.

In fact, the solar installation cost has decreased by over 50% in the last ten years due to such incentives. As one of Denver’s leading local solar companies, Meraki Solar is here to reduce your upfront costs and increase your energy efficiency with a home solar panel installation. It has never been more affordable to install solar panels in Denver. Meraki Solar also offers zero-down solar options for qualifying solar systems!

The Meraki Phoenix Team

Going solar can initially seem overwhelming, but our experts are here to help you learn about solar energy and better understand what it can do for you and your family. Our customer-first approach will help take all the pressure off you so you can get back to living the life you love.

Meraki Solar Fast Facts for Phoenix, AZ Homeowners

Fortunately for Denver homeowners, the Colorado Energy office has been very aggressive in establishing solar incentives and programs for renewable energy. The Mile High City is a big part of that positive change. Our solar experts stay up to date on all the recent Denver solar news, CO solar incentives, and renewable energy projects in the state. Here are a few recent facts about Colorado’s solar power industry:

Denver is home to the largest Amazon solar project in the US at DEN3 and other major companies like Target and Walmart have all gone solar in Denver too. Colorado’s goal is to generate 100% of its electricity from renewable energies in the next 30 years.

How to Save Money on Your Electric Bills with Phoenix, AZ Solar Incentives

By switching to solar, you could reduce your electricity costs even further. In Arizona, you may qualify for a federal tax credit, local tax incentives, and other government incentives to help you save more money on your solar system cost. Meraki is widely regarded as one of the best solar companies in the US. Unlike other solar companies, we offer a zero-down solar deal to help you get solar installed on your home or business. Here are a few ways you could qualify for even more significant savings

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit: The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) or The Clean Energy Tax Credit is a solar incentive that gives you up to a 30% tax credit on the cost of your solar panels and installation costs
  • Arizona Solar System Property Tax Exemption: In Arizona, Property Tax may also be exempt from the increase in the value of your home when you install a solar system
  • Home Solar System State Sales Tax Exemption: To further encourage Arizona residents to invest in solar, the sales tax on your solar panels could be covered up to 100%
  • Net Energy Metering: Net Metering is a process that rewards you for the energy your solar panels produce
  • PACE Loans: Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans give you more financing options and may cover up to 100% of your energy efficiency improvements, including solar panels.
  • Arizona Solar Rights Act: Protects your homeowner rights by installing solar panels with Meraki.

How Much Solar Power Will You Get From Your Solar System in Phoenix, AZ?

The typical solar panel generates between 200 and 400 Watts per hour, adding around 2kW per day. As a frame of reference, a 2kW solar system could run 220 LED Lights, two coffee makers, or four plasma TVs at any given time.

The roof design, system size, panel count, and weather conditions all impact how much electricity your solar system produces. These are crucial elements to take into account for your residential solar system.

Fortunately, Phoenix, AZ, has more sunshine per day than most places in the US. Meraki is the premier Phoenix solar company, and our professional solar installers can assist you in the solar installation process and recommend the best solar system for you.

Solar Energy System: The 5-Step Solar Production Process

The science that allows solar panels to turn the sun’s rays into usable electricity for our home may seem like a bit of a mystery. Understanding the science behind solar energy conversion could help you better understand how it works and why it is a good choice for Phoenix homeowners. This simple 5-step process breaks down the energy flow from the sun to your home.

  • Sunlight: The primary component for producing renewable energy is solar energy from the beautiful yet powerful sun
  • Solar Panels: Angle your phoenix solar panel at the best position where they will receive the most direct sunlight
  • Inverter: Each solar panel produces DC (direct current) electricity, which transforms into usable AC (alternating current) for your home
  • Breaker Box: The home’s outlets receive the converted AC energy after passing via the breaker box
  • Electricity Production: A utility meter will measure any excess solar energy produced before it enters the electricity system

Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

There are many benefits and rewards for Arizona homeowners that switch to solar energy. We’ve discussed the advantages of being in the sunniest place in the US and the solar power potential in Phoenix, the hundreds of dollars you can save on your electric bills, and the positive change solar is making on our environment.

But a nice “cherry on top” of going solar is the increased look, feel, and potentially even the property value of your home! Your home may increase up to 5% in value!

Energy.gov estimated that homebuyers in the US usually pay an additional $15,000 for a house with a solar system! This hidden benefit is another compelling reason to go solar in Phoenix, Arizona.

Not only could your home increase in value with a new home solar panel system, but you also may not have to pay taxes on that increased value! That’s right! Your home solar system could be a tax-free improvement to your home.

You may be able to enjoy the benefits of a more valuable home on the market and not pay taxes on the value of the increase. Talk with a Meraki solar energy consultant today to find out how much your tax-free home solar system might cost and what tax incentives may be available!

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Phoenix, Arizona?

Phoenix, Arizona, is considered one of the sunniest places in the United States and provides ample amounts of solar energy year-round. So, the short answer to this question is YES! Solar panels are worth it in Phoenix, Arizona.

Plus, not only is it worth it, but solar installation is an excellent investment for Arizona homeowners. In addition to the seemingly endless sunny days, you may be able to take advantage of many financial incentives and tax credits if you qualify. So why is solar worth it in Phoenix?

  • Solar systems produce renewable clean energy, which could help the environment
  • Solar panels are an investment in your home’s long-term home value.
  • Investing in solar could also help minimize the amount you spend on taxes.

Our solar professionals will help you maximize your solar energy production by providing you with a custom-designed solar panel system, giving you back control over your home’s energy use. As one of the top-rated solar companies in Arizona, Meraki is committed to being of service to you and is eager to help you start your solar adventure.

What is the Cost of Solar Panels in Phoenix, Arizona?

After federal tax credits, Arizona’s average solar cost is between $5,000 and $12,000. The price of solar installation will vary depending on the size of your house, the amount of energy your family uses, and how many panels you choose to install.

With solar financial incentives, like the Arizona solar tax credit, solar loans, solar leases, rebates, and more, you may reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint. Additionally, Meraki Solar is one of the only solar companies to offer zero-down solar options for your solar installation.

There is no set price for your solar installation because every one of our residential solar panel systems is specifically tailored for the client. Once we’ve had an opportunity to evaluate your home and determine the kilowatt usage necessary to support the electricity your family needs, Meraki’s solar team can assist you in better understanding the cost of your residential solar panels.

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