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When it comes to getting the best value for your solar panels, Colorado Springs, CO, homeowners agree that Meraki Solar is the best choice!

Here at Meraki, we’re passionate about helping local homeowners like you make the most of one of the Centennial State’s most valuable resources by going solar for home energy!

Our knowledgeable Colorado Springs, CO, solar panel systems energy consultants and solar install specialists are standing by to help you find the perfect system of solar panels for your home.


Colorado Springs, CO, has low precipitation and cloud cover and hundreds of sunny days every year, so why not take advantage of these renewable energy sources for your home? Here in the Centennial State, solar panels are a fantastic way to light up your home, lighten up your electric bill, and help conserve the world’s ecological stability by reducing carbon emissions.

As one of Colorado Springs’ most reputable and fast-growing solar companies, Meraki will take care of you like family to provide the best solar equipment consultation. Let’s partner in producing renewable energy that helps move the planet to a zero-carbon economy!

Our friendly staff works tirelessly to provide homeowners with the latest information about Colorado solar panels. That way, we can help educate residents like you about how to save more on your monthly energy utility bill. Furthermore, we also provide great value with zero-down solar on all qualifying projects!

We pride ourselves on being your local experts for solar panels and solar installs. So we understand how to harness direct sunlight and its many benefits best. We can hardly wait to share all we know about solar and savings with you!

And by the way, we’re not just in Colorado; We’re a national solar company with locations serving cities across the country. We’re a people company first, and we can hardly wait to work with you next.

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Why Install Solar Panels in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO, is known for its natural wonders and booming tourism industry. With Colorado’s sunny climate, it’s also an ideal place to install rooftop solar panels.

In addition to the savings on their electric bill, customers are thrilled with the tax rebate and credits available should they qualify from the State of Colorado when they switch to solar panels. Colorado Springs, CO, enjoys many more sunny days in a calendar year than most cities across the United States. So getting solar panels makes a natural investment for Colorado Springs residents.

If you qualify for a federal tax credit or some other grant or financial assistance, you could save even more money when powering your home with solar panels. Bring your house into the 21st century and call us about upgrading today!

The Meraki Colorado Springs Team

Going solar can initially seem overwhelming, but our experts are here to help you learn about solar energy and better understand what it can do for you and your family. Our customer-first approach will help take all the pressure off you so you can get back to living the life you love.

Meraki Solar Fast Facts for Colorado Springs, CO Homeowners

Installing solar panel systems for your home electricity needs is a good-sized little project requiring consideration of the total cost, savings, financial investment, and installation details. Unlike other solar panel companies in Colorado Springs, we want to help you take advantage of cost-cutting, efficient energy for your house from square one.

We’re not going to leave you in the dark, try to get you to sign away your rebate to us, or any shady business practices like that. You may want to know some of these fast facts before committing to ANY solar company!

How to Save Money on Your Energy Bills with Colorado Springs, CO Solar Panels Incentives

There are several different ways you could cut the cost from your power bill by switching to solar in addition to getting the best price on your panels and installation. There are also a few different ways you may qualify for even more savings through rebates and tax credits in addition to our zero-down solar offer.

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit: Save money on installation costs in addition to accessing more energy generated from your solar panel installation with the federal solar tax credit, a federal tax credit on your federal income taxes
  • According to the U.S. Department of Energy website, solar PV systems installed may be eligible for a 26% tax credit, and congress passed an extension of the ITC, raising it an additional 30%
  • Colorado Springs Utilities Net Energy Generation Credit: If you generate more energy from your solar panels in a year than your household uses, Colorado Springs Utilities will send you an energy credit on your January utility bill
  • The amount of your budget that you may earn truly makes solar panels worth the investment. Instead of paying a high power bill, you can make the “cogeneration rate,” which currently stands at around $0.02 per kWh (kilowatt hour) generated
  • The cogeneration rate is a default operation that costs you nothing when you run a home solar panel installation in Colorado Springs, CO
  • There’s no cost to sign up or anything required for you to get your energy generation credit on your January bill as you generate net electricity to the grid, which means the utility company will pay you!

Colorado Residential Renewable Energy Personal Property Tax Exemption: Colorado residents get a personal property tax exemption for their solar panels per the website of the State of Colorado Department of Local Affairs, “Renewable energy personal property that is located on a classified residential property, owned by the residential property owner, and produces energy used by the residential property is exempt from Colorado property taxation”

How Much Energy Could You Get From Your Solar Panels in Colorado Springs, CO?

Are solar panels worth the cost in Colorado Springs? If you’re mulling over the opportunity and price, you likely already know Colorado is one of the best places in the world for solar panels! According to Your Energy, a program at Colorado State University, “a five-kilowatt system may generate an average of 8,000-kilowatt hours per year. At an average cost of $.11 per KwH, Colorado households could expect an average annual savings of $880.”

However, the changes in your energy costs due to the amount of electricity your solar panel installation produces will vary depending on the sun’s output and atmospheric visibility. Additionally, the number of solar panels you and your representative decide is suitable to install on your home might also play a role. Luckily, since your solar installation takes place in the Centennial State, your unit’s electricity production will likely be more dramatic than if your unit were installed in another state without such fantastic natural solar energy levels.

Colorado Springs Solar Panels: The 5-Part Solar Power Production Process

Understanding how your solar energy assembly works together as a system may help you better understand the simplicity and elegance of solar generation techniques in this decade and the latest science at work in your device to harness solar energy. The following simple 5-part overview could help you follow the same trip energy takes as it is conserved through different forms, from the sun’s photosphere to your home’s standard electrical outlets!

  • Sunlight: It’s arguably the best and cheapest of Earth’s renewable resources. Nearly all energy used by life on Earth started as a photon in the photosphere of our sun, the sun, and made a 93-million-mile trip to our planet in 8 minutes.
  • Solar Panels: Our expert installers (the best solar installers!) place state-of-the-art solar cell generators in locations on your roof that receive the most direct sunlight exposure throughout the year.
  • Inverter: Each solar panel takes the sun’s light energy and converts it into D/C (direct current) electricity without emitting carbon dioxide. The inverter converts that to usable A/C (alternating current) for your home use.
  • Breaker Box: The converted A/C electricity now moves through the breaker box to protect the circuitry and is directed to the standard A/C outlets in your home.
  • Electricity Production: Excess electricity produced then flows through a municipal utility meter to enter the local power grid to be used by others.

Do Solar Panels Customers in Colorado Springs, CO, Find Solar Worth It?

Solar panels will likely serve you well in a state with a nickname like the “Mile High State.” It’s clear, unobstructed, natural solar coverage outshines most locales in the nation. But why should you choose to make a move to solar power in Colorado Springs, CO?

Customers who switch lower their power usage by going solar in Colorado Springs

  • Solar panels can not generate to supply others’ usage
  • The more sunshine your panels get, the more of your budget you can save
  • Get tax credits on your federal taxes while cutting your electric usage

With your custom solar panel system, our Colorado Springs, CO team will be sure to optimize your solar investment with your outlay, putting your rooftop power into your hands. At Meraki Solar, we’re committed to serving you this way and would be honored to help you start your solar journey.

Cost of Switching to Solar in Colorado Springs: What do Solar Panels Cost in Colorado Springs, CO?

Your Colorado Springs, CO, solar panel installation costs will depend on factors such as the size of your home, the amount of electricity usage in your home, and the number of panels you have. You could also see if you qualify for local incentives like the net generation credit from the Colorado Springs Utilities and other local incentives like the State of Colorado’s exemption for solar panels from the state personal property tax.

Each of our Colorado Springs, CO solar system installations is custom designed for you and your home to maximize your benefits of solar in Colorado Springs. There is no specific or standard cost for solar panel installations. Your local Colorado Springs, CO, solar installers and solar energy consultation teams may be able to quickly determine the pricing for your installation once they’ve had the chance to inspect your meter and wiring and consult with you to understand how many panels you want to have installed.

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