At Meraki Solar, we are more than just a solar company; we’re a people company! We’re passionate about helping homeowners like you achieve their dreams of going solar, and we can’t wait to help you regain control of your home’s power.



To put your heart and soul into what you do; to leave a piece of yourself in your work

At Meraki Solar, we surround ourselves with team members who love what they do and put their heart and soul into everything they do. We always look for new, creative ways to better ourselves and find ways to exceed expectations. That is the Meraki way!



  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Unity
  • Growth
  • Soul

Meraki Solar focuses on building our team around people who exhibit Meraki’s core values. When it comes to serving your community, we always strive to provide excellent customer service and a superior consultation and installation experience.

What We’ve Achieved

A successful solar company starts with happy employees, and we’re proud to be ranked as a great place to work. Everything we do is possible thanks to our fantastic team of hardworking solar energy consultants, our rock stars at HQ, and each of our locations across the country.

Great Place to Work Certified
Meraki Solar Team
Meraki Solar Team Mobile

Our Four-Step Solar Process

We’ve developed a simple four-step solar process that takes all the guesswork out of the equation to help you feel at ease so you can quickly start your solar journey.



Talk with one of our expert solar energy consultants to determine your solar needs

Process Icon Consultation


Receive a custom solar panel design for your home, and then our installers or installation partner will take care of the rest

Process Icon Design & Installation


Your city will do a final inspection after installation is complete

Process Icon Inspection


Finally, your utility company will come to your home to install a net meter that connects your Meraki solar system to the power grid

Process Icon Grid


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Founded in 2016 by Justin Wolf, Max Robison, and Jacob Humpherys

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Meraki started as a way for solar companies to utilize our sales reps to sell solar to homeowners

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The founders realized that they could better serve their customers by bringing the whole process in-house

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Solar sales for-Meraki-by-Meraki did immensely well, but the company still relied on 3rd party companies for solar panel installations

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Meraki made moves to start completing solar panel installations in-house

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Started doing both sales and installations across all of Florida and soon other locations as well

Our Founders

Justin Wolf

Justin Wolf​

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

If there’s one word that describes Meraki’s founder and CEO, Justin, it’s passion. He is passionate about not just building a successful business but finding new, creative ways to help people. Alongside his founding partners, Max Robison and Jacob Humpherys, he has created a fast-growing company resulting in happy homeowners and successful employees.

Justin believes putting your heart and soul into your work will always lead to great results. For each of his ever-growing teams, he always encourages each individual to work so they can be proud of what they’ve done, and you will see that in each project they complete. As Justin says, “We are not just a solar company; we are a people company,” and he hopes you feel that sentiment every step of the way.

Max Robison

Max Robison

Co-Founder & President of Sales

Jacob Humphery​s

Jacob Humphery​s

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Meraki Solar Locations

Our headquarters is located in sunny, beautiful Pensacola, Florida. If you need assistance with your solar panel installation or for general Meraki solar inquiries, please feel free to reach out to our support staff.

Meraki Headquarters

21 N New Warrington Rd
Pensacola, FL 32506

Mon-Fri 9:00am – 6:00pm (CT)

Service inquiries or work updates for all locations:
Meraki Solar Headquarters