Northwest Florida Solar Companies Share Expert Insite on the Net Metering Bill

November 19, 2023
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Northwest Florida Solar Companies Share Expert Insite on the Net Metering Bill

The proposed net metering bill was brought before the Florida Legislature, and local, northwest Florida solar companies came together to shed some light on what this bill could mean for homeowners.

Meraki Solar’s CEO, Justin Wolf, has a solar company that employs solar experts across the state of Florida and several other states. He shares insight into what bill would change for his teams and the homeowners in their communities. He also shared that Florida’s regulations, including net metering, have previously made adjustments regarding solar that made a solar upgrade a smart financial move for many families across the state.

Net metering is a process that allows homeowners with solar panel systems installed to sell back excess energy that their system generates to their local utility provider. However, a controversial bill has been sent through the Florida Legislature that would lower the price required by utility companies and reduce the amount homeowners receive back by implementing an “avoided costs” rate determined by the Florida Public Service Commission.

Solar experts across Florida believe that this change will effectively extinguish the current growth rate of solar statewide as homeowners miss out on this valuable money-saving benefit. A Florida Senate evaluation of the current bill determined that the proposed bill would negatively impact the solar industry as fewer homeowners would likely purchase a system due to the reduced money-saving opportunities.

Meraki Solar is passionate about doing what is best for the homeowners in their community. Click here to learn more about this bill and its potential effects on the net metering process.

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