Meraki Elevating Communities, One Home at a Time

November 19, 2023
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Meraki Elevating Communities, One Home at a Time

Meraki Solar & Meraki Roofing stand as a beacon of support and compassion in the communities they serve, always eager to extend a hand to neighbors in need.

Before beginning the scheduled roofing project in Navarre, FL, our skilled teams identified that the homeowner’s yard required substantial tidying. Rather than postponing the roof installation and placing the cleanup responsibility onto the homeowner, our devoted sales team took the lead in restoring the yard themselves, portraying an act of goodwill and a true dedication to exceptional service.

With this act of kindness, the Meraki Roofing & Meraki Solar teams skillfully replaced the roof and left the homeowner with a pristine yard and a fresh start.

Meraki Solar continues to foster community spirit, going above and beyond to make a positive difference in people’s lives, one home at a time.

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