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At Meraki Solar in Florida, we’re passionate about helping homeowners like you make the most of the sun’s powerful energy. Installing solar panels on your home could help reduce your electric bill by harnessing Florida power in a natural and sustainable way, so don’t wait another minute. Get your solar panel system quote today!

Why Choose Meraki Solar in Florida?

Florida is the sunshine state, so why not take advantage of this powerful resource for yourself with a solar energy system? Out of 50 States, Florida is ranked 3rd in the National Solar Rankings. In Florida, solar panels are a great way to reclaim your home’s power, save a little money, and help protect this state’s natural beauty.

At Meraki Solar, we care about each Florida community we serve. Our team seeks to help homeowners like you better understand the truth about residential solar energy systems in FL. When you work with our team, you’ll receive truthful information, dependable service, and unmatched professionalism at each phase of your project.

Unlike other solar companies, we take pride in providing Florida homeowners with the best solar equipment to help them make the most of their renewable energy production. Residential solar installations are our specialty, and we can’t wait to show you why.

Unleash your home’s full potential and elevate your lifestyle by giving us the honor of doing what we do best: serving our Florida homeowners. Don’t waste another day living in the past. Bring your home into the future with a new solar system!

Don't see a city close to you? Contact us and let us know to help us better identify what other communities we can serve.

How Can Meraki Solar Help Drastically Lower Your Electric Bill?

Meraki Solar’s state-of-the-art solar energy systems can help you drastically reduce your electric bill year after year. Our proprietary systems are designed to maximize the amount of power produced by your solar array and ensure that all energy produced is used as efficiently as possible. With Meraki Solar, you’ll enjoy a more affordable electric bill while also helping to protect the environment.

Our solar energy systems come complete with all the components necessary for a successful installation, including the modules, inverters, racking, and various other pieces of equipment. In addition, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process – from designing your system and preparing permits to provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring. We strive to make the process of going solar as easy and stress-free as possible.

The financial benefits of switching to Meraki Solar are hard to ignore. Not only does our technology help reduce your electricity costs, but you may also qualify for federal and state tax credits or incentives for installing a solar energy system. Depending on your geographic area and individual circumstances, you could potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on your electric bill.

Meraki Solar FL Fast Facts

One of the most exciting things about the solar industry is that it’s constantly growing and improving. Because of this, our team at Meraki Solar provides you, the homeowner, with an outstanding product that will always exceed your expectations.

Florida Solar Tax Credits, Incentives, and Financing Options

Because of Florida solar incentives, it’s a great place to make a move to solar. With exciting homeowner incentives, federal tax credit, solar loans, and rebates, you will love how much a solar installation can enhance your home.

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit: A 22% federal solar tax credit can be purchased for residential solar systems if they’re installed before 2023.
  • Florida Solar System Property Tax Exemption: Your home could receive property tax exemption from the added value a rooftop solar system adds.
  • Home Solar System State Sales Tax Exemption: Your home could be eligible for a 6% solar system sales tax exemption.
  • Net Metering: A process that gives you credit for unused solar power sent back to the power grid.
  • PACE Loans: Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans give you more financing options and may cover up to 100% of your energy efficiency improvements, including solar panels.
  • < href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Florida Solar Rights Act: Protects your rights as a homeowner when you install solar panels.

What Solar Panels Work Best in Florida?

While you may think there would be large differences with solar from state to state, the solar panels in FL are much like those used in any other state. Your FL solar panel purchase will be carefully researched and designed to suit your home and wattage needs.

Not sure what that means? Don’t worry! Our experts will walk you through each step of the process and will answer any questions that may come up along the way.

How Much Energy Will You Get From Your FL Solar Panels?

The amount of energy your solar panels will produce will vary depending on how many panels you and your representative decide to install. Your production levels will also vary depending on how much sunlight they receive each day. Luckily, since your installation will happen in the sunshine state, your production will likely be more significant than someone who lives elsewhere in the country.

Are Solar Panels in FL Worth It?

Solar panels will likely serve you well in a state with a nickname based on how much sunshine it gets each year. But why should you choose to make a move to solar power?

  • Solar panels help reduce your electric bill
  • Solar panels efficiently produce power
  • The more sunshine your panels receive, the more money you can save

With your custom solar panel system design, our team will help optimize your solar production, putting your power back into your hands. At Meraki Solar, we’re committed to serving you and would be honored to help you start your solar journey.

What do Solar Panels Cost in Florida?

Solar panel costs will vary depending on the size of your home, the amount of energy your family uses, and the number of panels you choose to install. You can also take advantage of solar incentives like a solar investment tax credit, loans, rebates, and more.

Each of our solar system installations is custom designed for the homeowner, so there is no specific cost for solar panel installations. Your solar installers and consultation teams can help you better understand the pricing for your package once they’ve had the chance to inspect your home and understand the kilowatt usage required to sustain the electricity your family uses.

Meraki's Florida Solar Energy Consultants

When choosing the right solar panels to use in Florida, a lot of confusing information is available on the internet. Our Meraki Florida solar energy consultants understand that you don’t want to deal with any more complicated conversations that leave you with more questions than when you started.

Finding the right solar expert in Florida means finding someone who understands this state and how solar works for each homeowner. Our team stays up-to-date on industry trends and receives regular training to ensure you receive the care you deserve through your installation process.

How Much Can You Save by Purchasing Solar Panels?

Solar panels are an excellent way to save money on electricity costs while also reducing your carbon footprint. Did you know that the average Floridian spends almost $250 dollars per month on energy costs! With the rising cost of electricity, investing in solar energy is becoming increasingly attractive to many homeowners across the country. The amount you can save on solar panels depends on several factors, such as your location, solar equipment, and any incentives for which you may be eligible.

In addition to solar incentives, several solar resources available to Florida residents can make solar panels even more affordable. These solar resources include solar loans and leases, power purchase agreements, and group-buying programs. By taking advantage of solar incentives, solar resources, and other financing options available to Florida residents, you can drastically reduce the cost of purchasing solar panels and save thousands of dollars.

Florida’s Solar Policy History

While Florida may be known as the sunshine state, solar panel systems are still a recent addition to the energy producing options for homeowners. That said, Florida still ranks highly as a state that produces high amounts of solar energy production, with that number climbing rapidly as more homeowners choose solar.

Here are some of the most notable updates to Florida solar from the past few years:

  • SEIA’s National Ranking: Florida is ranked highly by the Solar Energy Industries Association.
  • Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption: Starting in the late 90s, the Florida Department of Revenue created tax exemption program for homeowners. The solar sales tax exemption was originally slated to only last until 2002, but that expiration date was extended before officially becoming permanent in 2005.
  • Net Metering: The net metering program was enacted in 2008, which marked a turning point for solar panel systems in Florida. The Net Metering program allows homeowners who have solar panels installed to reduce the costs of their electricity bill and receive payment from the power companies at the end of a pay period if they had excess energy produced by their panels.
  • Renewable Energy Property Tax Abatement: In 2013, 80-100% property tax exemptions were created for homeowners who purchased a renewable energy system like solar.
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The Meraki Team

Going solar can initially seem overwhelming, but our experts are here to help you learn about solar energy and better understand what it can do for you and your family. Our customer-first approach will help take all the pressure off you so you can get back to living the life you love.


At each of our Meraki Solar locations we're passionate about helping homeowners like you make the most of the sun's powerful energy. Our knowledgeable solar sales representatives and installation experts are standing by to help you go solar.


Going solar can initially seem overwhelming, but our experts are here to help you learn about solar energy and better understand what it can do for you and your family. Our customer-first approach will help take all the pressure off you so you can get back to living the life you love.