Find a Career with a Bright Future!

Finding success at a new job is easy when you choose to work in the solar energy industry. Now more than ever is an exciting time to join us as more homeowners across the country are choosing to go solar every day!

Here at Meraki, we’re a people-first business, and that mindset applies to both our customers and valued employees alike. So, are you ready to find your perfect job in the solar industry?

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What Is It Like to Work at Meraki?

From our crews who sell and install solar panels to our in-office and headquarters-based roles that support their success, working for Meraki will never result in a boring day! Choosing from our solar industry jobs is a great way to set yourself up for career and lifestyle success.

At Meraki, we’re about more than just the solar energy system. We believe that for someone to be successful at work, they need to love what they do! Because of this, we strive to find new and exciting ways to enrich our team members work experience. We do this by engaging in community events and creating in-house celebrations that make coming to work with your colleagues exciting every day!

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About Meraki

Here at Meraki, we believe that going solar is great for the environment and a great way to help homeowners save money on their electricity bills. That said, we couldn’t serve our communities without the help of our incredible teams across the country.

We strive to help people find solar jobs that could change their lives. Even if you know very little about solar equipment, there’s potential for you to be a great addition to our team!

Employment Benefits

In addition to a fulfilling career, there are many different benefits that all our team members can enjoy, no matter where they join us from or what position they achieve. Our solar professionals take pride in our Meraki Lifestyle, which encourages our employees to love what they do and show us what they’ve got!

Here at Meraki, we offer:
  • Unmatched company culture
  • Competitive pay
  • Opportunities for career growth
  • The ability to creatively approach all business projects
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Flexibility and freedom when you need it
  • Being genuinely valued for your hard work and results!

We Live the Meraki Lifestyle

The Meraki Lifestyle is defined as loving the work itself, regardless of success or money. It’s about reaching the point where you truly love what you do!

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Meraki Team

Why Should You Choose Solar Jobs?

Solar-related occupations are part of a booming industry that doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon. What’s great about these roles is that solar expertise isn’t required for many of our positions! As long as you have the right skills and attitude and are willing to work, you will likely succeed in a solar career.

The Solar Industry is Growing Rapidly

The solar energy industry is booming, which means solar industry jobs are needed now more than ever! The annual growth rate of national solar installation jobs has consistently been around 33%, due in large part to the stellar performance by solar energy consultants! Solar energy is a practical and valuable choice for many homeowners, and we rely on our consultants to reach the homeowners directly, make those crucial relationships, and offer them our solar services.

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It’s Rewarding Work

What we do goes beyond solar equipment. It revolves around our desire to help homeowners save more money while enabling them to regain control of their home’s power. Each position in the field or at HQ provides us with endless opportunities to empower our community to step into the future of energy production.